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Christal Crockett

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Prayer of Salvation

 I come to You in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ. You said in Your Word that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Father, I am calling on Jesus right now. I believe He died on the cross for my sins, that He was raised from the dead on the third day, and He's alive right now. Lord Jesus, I am asking You now, come into my heart. Live Your life in me and through me. I repent of my sins and surrender myself totally and completely to You. Heavenly Father, by faith I now confess Jesus Christ as my new Lord and from this day forward, I dedicate my life to serving Him.


Heavenly Father,

If you desire to be saved and want to surrender your life to Christ pray this prayer. Then get connected with this ministry of sisterhood to journey with you.


Join Today! 

The dwelling place birthed On March 26, 2022. intercessors and worshippers from around Houston and surrounding areas gathered together to pray. 

the Dwelling Place is a prophetic community of women led by Christal Crockett.  


Dwelling Place

What We Believe:

  • in one god who is revealed as father, son, and holy spirit (john 1:1, john 3:16)

  • Jesus christ is the son of god and that his death was the final payment for the sins of the world. After jesus died he was ressurected as a fulfillment of prophecy to symbolize there is redemption because of the blood of jesus christ

  • The holy spirit dwells within all believers. The holy spirit guides believers and endows each believer with supernatural power.

  • we set the captives free by the authority and the blood of Jesus Christ

  • we love broken people to restoration

  • we disciple all people into a place of intimacy discipline, and consistency with christ

  • We empower bloodline breakers to trust god and use their spiritual weapons confidently

Our Mission & Vision

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