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My Amazon Favorites: Top 5 Books To Read in 2021

Updated: Jan 7

Happy New Year!

Last year I was able to read a few great books, thanks to being stuck in the house a good portion of the year. Today I am sharing my 5 recommendations to add to your Amazon cart. Just click the pictures and it will take you directly to Amazon to begin shopping.

This book is perfect for the woman needing to reflect and determine where God really wants to use her. Marshawn makes this book thought-provoking and interactive. She does an excellent job of telling her story while also helping the reader to identify their purpose. This was a great read and honestly, you'll need to read it again to work the strategies.

Although I am still using this devotional I had to add it to the list. I love interactive journals and this is perfect. It adds value to reading Believe Bigger, but can totally be completed without having read the book. Each day is a short devotional with scripture. You can spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes each day. It's totally up to you.

I was recommended this book by a great friend and we completed reading the book with a group of ladies. The book actually recommends completing it with a group of people, which I feel kept us accountable each day. This book is not for everyone, but when you do the daily promptings it can be very life-changing. This is another book you will read more than once.

"This life-changing book explains that regardless of where you are in life, Wholeness will take you higher. Wholeness will elevate your sense of fulfillment in life, produce healthier, more rewarding relationships, and will position you for optimum success in every endeavor."

Although those words are not mine they definitely sum up nicely everything I was going to say. I listen to the Woman Evolve podcast weekly, and last year Sarah Jakes Roberts would recommend it A LOT. I thought she was just supporting her husband honestly (lol), but I ended up buying the book last March and I don't regret it.

My pastor is always mentioning Dr. Bill Winston, so I looked him up and took a chance on this book. I'll be honest I did not finish, but it wasn't because the book wasn't good. I didn't finish because of life, but I'm going to be rereading it this year to take full advantage of his knowledge. This book is great for self-reflection and examining your thoughts and learning to combat negative thoughts.

Hopefully, my list of must-reads is helpful for you in this new year and you can get started on one of them soon. Remember to click the pictures to go directly to Amazon to purchase.