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From Stuck To Published Community

A community of creative scribes supporting, learning, and self-publishing journals together.

Our Mission

From Stuck to Published Coaching empowers aspiring and established authors to transition from obstacles to publication, enabling them to create a profitable literary legacy for their families.

In this community, you can expect to receive:

  1. Strategy to not only finish your journal but also market your journal to your target audience.

  2. Valuable knowledge that will give you clarity on your journal publishing journey. 

  3. Accountability and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

My tongue is The pen of a ready writer.

- Psalm 45:1

Tools We Give You To Become An Unstuck Author

  1. Monthly live training and teachings to help you go from stuck to a published author. 

  2. Exclusive access to LIVE Q&A with Christal and occasionally special industry expert guests.

  3. Writing Prompts and challenges to promote creativity and community engagement.

  4. Peer Feedback and critique sessions will allow scribes to share their work-in-progress and receive constructive feedback from their peers.

  5. Exclusive access to a valuable resource library such as writing guides, style guides, templates, and tools that members can access anytime to enhance their skills.

  6. Virtual write-ins to work on writing projects together, simulating a productive and communal writing environment.

  7. Accountability Groups: small accountability groups where members can set goals, share progress, and support each other in achieving their writing objectives.

Working on Laptop

October 1st


Only $47

Join The Community

It's time to take the gift God gave you seriously and invest in yourself to gain the tools, knowledge, accountability, and support you need to publish an impactful and influential journal. 

Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Instantly added to our private email list.

  • Weekly live writing sessions to join your peers in pursuing your passion and hold each other accountable. 

  • Weekly deep-dive writing prompts to encourage 10 minutes per day of writing. 

  • Weekly writing tips and exercises to move your writing skills forward.  

  • Access to a resource library to give you a cutting-edge advantage.

  • Deep discounts and early registration for programs and launches.

  • Cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

Adult Students

You know you’re ready to go from stuck to published if…

→ You know you are anointed by God to create an impact book, journal or planner that will change lives and you are looking for an empowering and supportive community to help you step into your full potential. 


→ You love writing, but you need a community to hold you accountable to make time to do what you know you are called to do. 


→ You desire more, but don't know what steps to take and you need someone who can give you clear directions and strategies to implement. 


→ You often second-guess if you have what it takes and you desire a safe haven to ask questions, find resources,  and glean from experts. 


→ You feel an urgency in the spirit to write and publish quickly and you are ready to trust God and the people He has ordained to unlock your next level of influence. 

Community prayer and devotional Zoom calls purposed to fortify us as scribes, creatives, and CEOs. 
Plug and play content planning templates to make content planning easier.
Free eBook copy of "Pray, Plan, Prosper: A Goal-Setting Handbook for Christian Entrepreneurs" 

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