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Intercessor| Mentor| Influencer
 Christal Crockett is a millennial Christian, wife, mom, and entrepreneur of radical surrender and faith. Christal aims to exemplify what it looks like to devote your entire life to the mission of Jesus. Her faith inspires the faith of others because it radiates from her contagiously. 

By the age of sixteen, Christal experienced several life-changing circumstances that were pivotal in her being able to recognize she had a calling on her life to be a mouthpiece for the kingdom of God in the world. Although young and unsure of what the future held Christal became heavily involved in her church serving as a director of dance as well as a preacher of God's word. By age nineteen, Christal received her license to preach. 

After spending four years working in education, Christal made the decision to take her first step into entrepreneurship and full-time ministry. In March 2020, Christal yielded to God by starting her online women's ministry to use her passion to create Christian content while using her experience to help women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds lead disciplined lives in Christ. 

It is Christal's life's mission to leave a lot of Jesus every time she speaks and encourage those who feel unqualified to recognize they are called chosen, and valued by God. 

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