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Christal Crockett

Christal D. Crockett is a multifaceted visionary and strategist who is the founder and CEO of The Scribes Collective. an emerging publishing boutique specializing in bringing creative visions and impactful stories to fruition by providing comprehensive support for self-publishing creative works to create influence and legacy. Additionally, christal brings 14 years of website design and development experience to help build and elevate brands for authors, influencers, and organizations. 

Christal is the author of The Covenant Prayer Journal, a coloring prayer journal. Her most recently published book is Pray, Plan, Prosper: A Goal-setting Workbook for Christian Entrepreneurs. In addition, Christal has published six ebooks and over thirty-plus blogs that have transformed readers' lives. 

Leading as the visionary of the WOmen of god community, an apostolic discipleship ministry designed to call women of god back to a place of prayer and intimacy with Christ. The organization's vision is to free women from the bondage of generational curses through teaching, training, and accountability.

Christal's purpose is unwavering—to infuse every spoken word with the essence of Jesus and to empower those who doubt their qualifications, reminding them of their divine calling, chosen status, and immeasurable value in the eyes of God.  

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