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to my corner of the internet! 

I am a self-publishing coach, mentor and Christian speaker.

I specialize in bringing creative visions and impactful stories to fruition by providing comprehensive support for self-publishing creative works to create influence and legacy.


Christal Crockett

Do you desire to Self-Publish but you lack the knowledge, support, tools, and resources to complete your journal?

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Meet Christal Crockett

Christal Crockett, a multifaceted Christian visionary who seamlessly wears the hats of CEO, author, self-publishing coach, minister, educational consultant, and speaker. Christal's purpose is unwavering—to infuse every spoken word with the essence of Jesus and to empower those who doubt their qualifications, reminding them of their divine calling, chosen status, and immeasurable value in the eyes of God.

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Christal is an expert speaker on the following topics:

Strategies for successful self-publishing

Building an authentic online presence
Coping with miscarriage and loss

Balancing family responsibilities while pursuing ministry

Navigating leadership and ministry at a young age

Strategies for overcoming challenges and building resilience in business

Balancing parenting

Embracing and leveraging introversion for personal and professional success

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